Navigating the Finals Gauntlet

Seniors Anmol Singh (Adv. 202), left, and Desiree Adenuga (Adv. 203), right.

Seniors Anmol Singh (Adv. 202), left, and Desiree Adenuga (Adv. 203), right.

Joshua Huynh, Staff Editor

Next week, Northsiders will have to contend with in-person finals. If you are feeling nervous about finals, this guide aims to assist students in making sure their finals week goes smoothly.

According to Senior Andrea Vaca (206), it’s easier to do finals in person than remotely. “I felt less prepared going into the remote [finals],” she said. 

One reason it’s easier to prepare for in person finals is that classmates are physically present. “I’m surrounded by people in the same class that I can talk to,” said Vaca. This helps the students stay focused and allows them to more easily share information with each other.

In addition to collaborating with peers, here are other methods students can use to prepare for finals.

Before Finals Week: 

  • Talk to your teachers about the content you are struggling with. Your teachers may be able to identify your specific areas of confusion within a content area  better than you can.
  • Start studying one week in advance. You can avoid having to cram. Additionally, you can enjoy your time in between finals doing relaxing activities instead of studying.
  • Prioritize studying for classes that you struggle the most. The final is more likely to make or break your grade for those classes.

During Finals Week:

  • During a test, try to work at a pace that makes sense based on the time allotted. . Check  your progress halfway through the testing period and adjust as needed. If you are halfway through the test or more, you are on track. 
  • Skip and come back to questions that are confusing you. Avoid losing time for questions on which you are solid.
  • Remember to go to sleep early over the course of the week. Staying up too late to study will lead to you being exhausted while taking tests, and a possible lower performance

Overall, finals can be manageable to prepare for. In order for your finals to go smoothly, be aware of what skills you need to polish and manage your time sensibly. “I wouldn’t tell them [incoming students] to lose their mind over it,” said Vaca.