2019-2020 Staff

Kathleen Clemenz


I am one of The Hoofbeat's two Editors-in-Chief. When I'm not writing or editing, you'll probably find me running with the cross country or track team. ...

Kevin Rueda


I'm a Co-Editor-in-Chief for The Hoofbeat. Aside from writing and editing, I enjoy building robots and solving crossword puzzles. ...

Yomileigh Abdi

News Editor

I am the News Editor. I volunteer at a circus school and intern at Northwestern. ...

Iliana Garner

Features Editor

I am the Features Editor. You can find me after school wandering the halls or sleeping in the library. ...

Jacob Trick

Sports Editor

Jake Trick- Sports Editor. Unironically uses the words "Bruh" and "Raw." ...

Isaiah Maldonado

Opinion Editor

I'm The HoofBeat's Opinion Editor and local hot-take expert.

Alison Murr

College Editor

The HoofBeat's College Editor. Constantly choosing friends and music over college applications.

Alina Rivera

Arts and Entertainment Editor: Culture

I am the editor for Arts and Entertainment: Culture. I enjoy going to loud concerts and watching action movies. ...

Delia Lipkin

Arts and Entertainment: Film and TV

Hello! I am the Arts and Entertainment Editor: Film and TV for our newspaper. I enjoy playing with my dog, spending time with my friends, and listening to music and podcasts. ...

Kiera Steckelberg

Sports Editor: Women

I am the women's sports editor for The Hoofbeat. In my free time, I participate in various sports, including diving, axe-throwing, equestrian vaulting, and water polo. ...

Carlos Selvi Barrios

Co-Sports Editor: Men

I love listening to music all the time. I basically breathe music. ...

Jalen Miron

Co-Sports Editor: Men

Co-Men's Sports section editing is my game and Jalen is my name! I like to watch basketball during basketball season.

Khristian Jones

Web Designer

The Hoofbeat's avid web designer. Follow me on twiter @FrozoneSSB ...

Joseph Ridarelli

Co-Photo Editor

I'm one of The HoofBeat's Photo Editors. I usually spend my weekends doing archery, and my weekdays usually not doing archery. ...

Araceli Urbina

Co-Photo Editor

One of Hoofbeat's Photo Editors. The type to enjoy setting up monthly playlists on Spotify.

Joselyn Santos


I'm Joselyn Santos and I'm the artist for The Hoofbeat. I like goofing around with my friends, and you'll find me doing long runs on the weekend. ...

Sophia Mattson

Co-Public Relations Manager

My name is Sophia, and I am one of the PR managers for The Hoofbeat. When I'm not writing articles, I enjoy reading science magazines and watching foreign movies. ...

Andrea Prest

Co-Public Relations Manager

I'm the Co-Public Relations Manager for The HoofBeat. Most people would say "the deets," but I say "the tails." Just another explanation of innovation.