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The Thursday and Saturday cast of “Clue” starring Hailey Carter (Adv. 209), Nicole Beaubien (Adv. 202), Shannon Daugherty (Adv. 402), Audrey Hernandez (Adv. 204), Felix Fieldman (Adv. 300), and Nicholas Kubiak (Adv. 207). (Photo by Vivian Nguyen)
Northside Auditions Double Casting for the First Time
Iliana Garner, Editor-In-Chief • February 10, 2022

Audience members may have noticed more names than usual in the December playbill — and new faces on stage if they chose to attend multiple...

Seniors Anmol Singh (Adv. 202), left, and Desiree Adenuga (Adv. 203), right.
Navigating the Finals Gauntlet
Joshua Huynh , Staff Editor • February 10, 2022

Next week, Northsiders will have to contend with in-person finals. If you are feeling nervous about finals, this guide aims to assist students...

Sophomore Ginny Driscoll (Adv. 403) prepares to paint the set walls. (Photo by Greg Schaefer)
Behind the Scenes of “Clue” with Stage Crew
Greg Schaefer, News Editor • February 10, 2022

A couple students draw sketch lines on a set wall. Others crack open yellow cans of paint. Some hunt down pieces of wood that are just the right...

Chicago Must Expand Its Network of Bicycle Infrastructure
Chicago Must Expand Its Network of Bicycle Infrastructure
Greg Schaefer, Opinion Editor • June 15, 2021

In 2012, the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) set out with a bold new plan to expand the city’s bicycle network.  The Chicago Streets...

Pride, the Police Force and The LGBTQ+ Community
Pride, the Police Force and The LGBTQ+ Community
Kevin Sanchez-Carrizales, Staff Writer • June 15, 2021

For more than 50 years, the relationship between the police and LGBTQ+ community has been strained as queer liberation is tied to police violence....


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