Diving Into a Season Unlike Any Other


Northside vs. Latin swim meet. Photo by Jazmin Santiago

Jazmin Santiago, Co-News Editor

Despite the pandemic causing sports such as volleyball and soccer to be canceled this fall season, the Northside Women’s Swimming and Diving is one of the lucky teams able to train and compete. As a medium-risk sport, this is a season unlike any other and with a very different format.

Different regulations have been put into place in order to ensure everyone’s safety. Compared to the six swimmers per lane that the team used to have, the team has now reduced the limit to four people. Within those lanes, swimmers are starting their laps on both ends of the pool and even in the middle to ensure proper social distancing. 

Swimmers attend usual pool practices but no longer have access to the weight room for morning practices. Outside of the water, all students continue proper distancing, and they must also enter and leave the building in their swimsuits, as they do not have access to the locker rooms.

“This season has been one filled with uncertainty. Our motto has been ‘go with the flow.’ We are incredibly grateful to be able to swim this year. I know a lot of other sports team’s seasons were canceled or pushed back,” said swim captain Emma Wall (Adv. 100).

“The season is much shorter and it is much more difficult to host any sort of team bonding events. Having to follow all the new rules has made our team closer and more appreciative.” 

Swim meets have also changed this season. Making use of the gym, all students must social distance outside of the pool deck and wait for their event to line up. Swimmers must keep masks on at all times unless they are in the pool swimming. Although they can’t cheer on their teammates from the side of the pool, team spirit remains high.

This year especially has emphasized the importance of having a focused attitude at competitions

Diving captain Eliza Salus (Adv. 202) said, “The atmosphere is definitely much different this year without spectators or cheering allowed.  However, we are still able to give pre-meet pep talks and encouragement from teammates to get in a good mindset.  This year especially has emphasized the importance of having a focused attitude at competitions.”

Another major change this season is the lack of spectators at swim meets. In previous years, family and friends cheered on swimmers, but now those seats are empty. “While we can’t have spectators, we have our coaches and each other,” said Shinyi Ding (Adv. 209) “I think everyone understands that families and friends would be in the stands supporting us if they could, and so we have that knowledge that they’re supporting us from afar.” 

Students and parents can support the swim team outdoors through the glass panels outside the pool.