An Ode to College Apps

Pandora’s box. (Illustration by Grace Dow)

Pandora’s box. (Illustration by Grace Dow)

Piotr Fedczuk, Managing Editor

When Pandora opened her box

Curses fleeted and hope remained

Two words, unseen and unthought:

College Apps


A curse or a blessing?

A Herculean feat

or a session in Tartarus?

A senior’s writing skills decide


Seniors, an inverse of Narcissus

With a seasonal fear of analyzing a mirror

And peeling themselves apart

And seeing something unsightly


Seniors have to reach into a mirror

And glue themselves onto paper

A boundary

Just like between the living and dead


But the uncrossable Styx

can be sailed across

with the right coin.

Seniors swim


Swimming while thinking about college

While staring at one’s reflection

Looking into glories and flaws

Determining if they’re “good enough”


Did they give humanity fire?

Did they slay the Hydra?


The Hydra’s heads endlessly multiply.


Seniors can mimic this perk

The ability to turn pain into efficiency