Student Run Businesses in Quarantine

Alex Garcia, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Northside student businesses are still running, although they have changed over the years. From relying more on social media accounts to paying more for shipping, the sales game has shifted the way students are selling their products. Many students even opened for business because of the pandemic, another major change in what is to come to the small business industry. 

When asked about some of the difficulties she encountered running her business, Katherrin Billordo wrote, “[one of the biggest difficulties has been]…finding the time to tend to [the business] whilst dealing with a job, an internship, and school and reaching a larger audience than just my local community“ (Adv. 207).

A common theme amongst student responses to what some of the biggest difficulties have been time management and the workload. It’s managing the work from school and the orders from their businesses that makes the endeavor even more impressive. 

Some students also had to change the way they managed their business because of quarantine. When asked about this, Kamila Dominikowski wrote, “My art is created on digital software, so there weren’t any issues that came from quarantine, however I have lowered my prices and have done art for free on some occasions since some people are tight on money” (Adv. 200).

When asked about what advice she would give to students just starting her business, Billordo responded, “Be patient; In the age of social media, there’s plenty of other small businesses people can and will choose from over yours, but don’t let that discourage you and instead work on perfecting your craft… “ (Adv. 207). 

Answering the same question, Dominikowski wrote, “Go for it! Don’t let anyone bring you down. You will grow a lot and learn how to handle different aspects of your business and what works best for you. Don’t let one bad client or experience get in the way of being successful!! You will meet a lot of great people who you’ll look up to and be friends with…” (Adv. 200).

Below are links to both Billordo’s and Dominikowski’s businesses, as well as images:

Katherinn Billordo: 

Instagram- @Kathyssketchbook 

Kamila Dominikowski: