Northside Partnering up with Nike

Andrew Martinez, Co-Social Media Manager

Chance the Rapper, a Chicagoan native, decided to partner up with Nike and sponsor one of the highest-ranked high schools, Northside College Prep, with new school uniforms. 

 In a recent interview, Chance the Rapper spoke to The Chicago Tribune and said, “When I was younger I wanted to go Northside College Prep since it was the third-highest ranked high school at the time and everyone knows how much I love three.” 

He then concluded that he wanted to give back to Chicago, so he partnered with Nike to give Northside a school uniform. The following year, 2022, will be the year that the uniform will be required. Preparing for back-to-school learning inside the actual building, students will and must be in Nike from head to toe.

The following includes a list of requirements that will be distributed early 2022.

Each student must purchase: 

  • 2-4 bottoms of choice ranging from pants to shorts
  • 3-4 tops ranging from t-shirts to hoodies 
  • Students also need a backpack and gym bag 
  • Nike will provide one pair of joggers, one Nike shirt, a gym drawstring bag and a 25% discount on one pair of shoes. 

Before celebrating, it is important to mention that every Nike merchandise must be either maroon, grey, or black.

As a bonus, every two months students will be given a 5% discount on Nike apparel.