Highlighting STEM Clubs Run by NCP Women

A Q. and A.

Corey Jordan-Zamora, Co-Web Designer

In honor of Women’s History Month, we want to highlight STEM-related clubs run by the NCP women. These clubs inform students about the science and medical fields and other opportunities. Club board member Megan Dalalo of GEMS and co-presidents Nazia Hasan and Madeeha Hassan of Mediclub share their experiences. 

They were asked these questions:

  1. Tell us about your club: what do participants do in your club/what is the purpose of your club?
  2. What do you hope to bring to Northside through your club?
  3. What does your club mean to you?
Megan Dalalo (Adv. 107) (Megan Dalalo (Adv. 107))
  1. GEMS (Girls in Engineering, Math, and Science) is dedicated to promoting diversity in STEM fields and empowering women who are pursuing STEM careers. At our meetings, we have workshops that focus on topics ranging from resume building to food science. We occasionally incorporate mini-presentations on current events in STEM, like the recent landing of Perseverance on Mars. Other club activities we have include speaker panels and, more recently, service project planning. We constantly update our Google Classroom with STEM opportunities for high school students. We also have a spreadsheet that lists a variety of STEM internships and programs we’ve compiled over the years.
  2. I hope to create a space where students are able to explore and share their interests in STEM, gain access to opportunities that may be hard to find, and develop the skills and confidence they may need in the future. It’s well known that women are underrepresented in certain STEM fields, so I want my peers to know that they are not alone in their endeavors. I hope those who join GEMS find some form of inspiration through our club’s activities.
  3. GEMS is a way for me to connect with fellow young women who are just as passionate about STEM as I am. I’m grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to lead the club, as this position has allowed me to support the GEMS members in any way I can. Seeing the curiosity in our members when we invite a speaker or host a workshop makes the effort that the board members and I put into the club worthwhile. Thinking about the impact our club can have, whether it’s as simple as introducing a new science concept or as major as helping someone decide their future career path, really drives me forward!

Megan Dalalo also mentions that anyone is welcome to join the club at any point in the year. If they are interested, they can contact Dalalo or one of the board members.

Nazia Hasan (Adv. 101) and Madeeha Hassan (Adv. 102)

Nazia Hasan (Adv. 101) (Nazia Hasan (Adv. 101))
  1. Mediclub strives to give students opportunities to explore the field of medicine starting in high school. We want to make it easier to pursue a medical career by providing club members with several experiences. We typically host suturing workshops and guest lecturers, present panels on different medical professions, and provide members access to mentoring programs with reputable medical facilities.
  2. We hope to give Northsiders a greater understanding of how diverse the medical field is and provide resources that make the field more approachable. Through Mediclub, we want to give opportunities to learn from medical professionals directly, engage in medicine-related activities, and provide Northsiders a foothold if they choose to pursue a medical career. 
  3. Madeeha: As a freshman, Mediclub quickly became a place for me to explore my interest in medicine in a concrete way. I was able to experience a range of things, from getting to work with real suture kits to listening in on informative presentations about different pre-med pathways. I enjoy trying to find new ways to share these experiences and opportunities with more Northside students!

Nazia: For me, Mediclub was something that caught my eye all the way in freshman year, and back then, I was just a very shy, quiet member who didn’t miss any of the meetings. I think in sophomore year, I realized that I didn’t have to be the shy girl, and I transitioned into the Underclassmen Rep for the club. My passion for medicine comes from Mediclub, and that passion has pushed me to play a bigger role in the club and become a strong leader. 

Both members also mention how they are active on Instagram, where you can follow their Instagram Mediclub page @ncpmediclub for updates on club activities and participate in trivia they post on their story. If you have any questions or would like to contact them, you can reach them on their Instagram or through their emails [email protected] and [email protected].