Wonder Woman 1984 Review

Corey Jordan-Zamora, Co-Web Designer

This movie review will contain spoilers, so keep that in mind before reading further.

The recently released Wonder Woman 1984 premiered this holiday season on December 25. It was available on streaming platforms such as HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video for viewers to watch at home. The movie featured Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and is a sequel to Wonder Woman released in 2017.

1984 Wonder Woman Movie

A couple decades after the events of the first movie (summary of events here), Wonder Woman, also known as Diana Prince in her civilian form, takes a job as an archaeologist who studies relics at the Smithsonian Museum. Diana and her friend and fellow researcher, Dr. Barbara Minerva, come across a wishing stone. The stone grants the person in contact with it one wish of their desire. Diana wishes for her past beloved Steve Trevor (her pilot companion from the previous movie that she fought alongside with) to come back, and Barbara wishes to be a confident, strong, and beautiful woman like Diana.

At the same time, TV personality and unsuccessful business owner Maxwell Lord, whose oil company is not doing well, sets his eyes on the stone and obtains it in his visit to the Smithsonian. Now with the wishing stone in his hands, Maxwell Lord wishes for the Dreamstone’s wishing powers to be granted upon him, essentially becoming the stone himself since he obtains its wish-granting abilities.

However, Maxwell Lord causes catastrophe when the state of the world turns chaotic as his power intensifies after people say their wishes to him. It is up to Wonder Woman to stop the chaos of the dangerous situation. She realizes that she, and everyone else who wished, have to revoke their wishes to strip Maxwell Lord of his powers. Wonder Woman realizes that she has to persevere in fighting to protect the civilians’ lives and has to be honest with herself: that although she wants to continue being with her partner, she must give up her wish of reuniting with her past partner to reverse the effects of the Dreamstone for the sake of humanity.

After watching that scene about honesty, that made me realize that I also connect with Wonder Woman on that same value of being truthful to myself. To get work done, I must tell myself that I have to pause my leisure activities like reading and watching shows to focus on completing my assignments. Like Wonder Woman, I have to be honest with myself about giving up what I want in order to stop procrastinating and better focus on my work for my academic future.

Like Wonder Woman, I have to be honest with myself about giving up what I want in order to stop procrastinating and better focus on my work

Additionally, with the scene in the movie about Wonder Woman fighting against Maxwell Lord, she has to persevere in her battles against him. The odds were quite tough against her, with the state of the world getting hectic with buildings collapsing and dangerous objects strewn about in her path. Despite that, Wonder Woman still managed through and demonstrated what she was capable of. I thought this part of the movie was captivating as it showed Wonder Woman’s immense strength and reminded me of how when schoolwork gets heavy, that it is still possible to accomplish it as long as I manage my time wisely. I just have to set the proper amount of time for each task, and give myself adequate breaks to get my homework done in a timely manner and make sure I am not overwhelming myself all at one time.

Overall, Wonder Woman 1984 had touched upon the values of honesty and perseverance that I resonated with after watching the movie. Like Wonder Woman, I realize that I have to be honest with myself by setting reasonable goals such as time management to get my assignments done. I know I can get through completing my work when I better allot my time for both my schoolwork and personal life, as well as set aside my desires of doing my leisure activities like reading and watching a show.