How to Be a More Mindful Consumer


Book store – creative commons

Corey Jordan-Zamora, Co-Web Designer

Many students at Northside go to their local thrift shop for clothes and accessories. As a student who thrifts, senior Carolina Perez (Adv. 103) noted the importance of supporting small businesses: “When you purchase something from [small businesses] you are helping to directly sustain them.”

Perez feels that supporting local businesses is more sustainable since her money is not going towards the growing fast-fashion industry. It also helps ensure that the thrift stores in people’s neighborhoods are kept running. They also pay a more affordable price for their outfits. 

Perez added that thrifting “is environmentally friendly by giving clothes that are in good condition a second chance to be worn.”

Consumers can support small businesses by being mindful of their shopping choices.

The next time you shop, keep the following in mind:

  • Instead of buying a new phone, get a refurbished one
    • Instead of your money going towards making more phones, you are investing in shops that reuse already functional ones. It encourages the repair shop owner to keep their local repair shop open.
  • Instead of buying clothes at a chain retail store, shop at your local thrift store
    • Every dollar going to them helps pay their employees, deals with product shipments, and inspires local businesses to keep going when they see a small market interested in their products.
  • Instead of visiting a chain bookstore, buy a book from your local bookstore
    • Smaller businesses like local bookstores do not receive as much traffic from people compared to large chain bookstores. Small businesses thrive on consumer attention because they do not have the same funds as large corporations to stay open.
  • Instead of buying a phone case from Amazon, try a seller’s small shop on Etsy
    • Supporting small businesses supports the local economy by promoting growth and investment into the community.

Be more conscious by thinking local.