Words of Wisdom from Seniors

Photo from Creative Commons.

Photo from Creative Commons.

Yomileigh Abdi

As the Class of 2020 departs from Northside after four years of hard work, fun, and recent unpredictability, they share their advice for Northside underclassmen and future students to come:

“Be open-minded. Things will change throughout high school and in order to grow from them, you have to allow them to change. Everything is happening for the greater good, no matter how hard it is in the moment. Just be present and enjoy the unknown, you’ll be okay!” – Megan McBride (Adv. 003)

“Appreciate every moment you have with your friends because you never know what could happen.” – Fatima Pena (Adv. 006)

“Please try to enjoy your life. I know school should be your main focus right now, but don’t get too lost in your work and studies that you forget to have fun! Make sure that time management is a key component in your life as well!” – Brianna Brent (Adv. 008)

“Take advantage of your time to learn and better yourself.” – Shahbaz Khan (Adv. 005)

“Don’t be afraid to step beyond your comfort zone and challenge yourself, whether it is through taking a class, joining a club, or talking to someone new. You might find something that you are really passionate about! Seize opportunities. Get to know people. Be involved. Four years fly by, and you only get out what you put into your high school experience. Also, join an I-Night club!” – Amy Pang (Adv. 009)

“Make sure you hit the ground running on homework every night. Get in the habit of studying every night for every subject. Do not wait until senior year to start getting involved. Try as much as you can freshman year. You never know, you might like something you thought you wouldn’t.” – Pádraig Lally (Adv. 010)

“Join clubs and sports! Truly make bonds with teachers and friends!” – Leslie Acebedo (Adv. 008)

“Enjoy the time you have at Northside. They’re not lying when they say your four years of high school flies by. Join clubs and sports you find fun, but don’t overload yourself. It’s okay if you’re not doing everything the rest of your classmates are doing. Always make sure you’re focused on yourself and what you feel like you can handle, and always remember to do what you enjoy.” – Victoria Pagsanghan (Adv. 008)

“Be open to the opportunities that come in your life. Life will be hard in high school; you’ll go through so many setbacks and face many roadblocks, but the most important thing that you should focus on is your health. Don’t be ashamed of your interests; you never just know how many people have those same interests. Be kind, compassionate, open-minded, and you’ll definitely see those aspects from your peers returned to you. Good luck at Northside! You’ve got this!” – Reina Savitzky (Adv. 002)

“Try a sport, club, dance, or some sort of extracurricular you haven’t done.” – Jonah Brinkmann (Adv. 010)

“Being polite and engaged in school can get you a lot further than just being smart. Your grade doesn’t mean anything if you disrespect others and don’t show that you care about what you’re learning, even if it doesn’t happen to be your favorite class.” – Zoe Underwood (Adv. 001)

“Don’t waste your time. You should always be doing something that makes you happy.” – David Zhou (Adv. 000)

“Take advantage of the block schedule you’ve been gifted with! Don’t put off your homework to the last minute though because that is unnecessary stress. And obviously be nice to all your teachers, but be nice to Ms. McCreedy, Ms. O’Hare, and Ms. Moore ESPECIALLY. Those ladies can get you anything you want if they feel like it. It helps to have friends on the inside.” – Rachel Dunn (Adv. 002)

“Be less concerned with what others are doing and focus on yourself. High school is a place to grow, experience new things, and learn invaluable lessons. So stop undervaluing your own experience in efforts to replicate those around you.” – Olamide Babayeju (Adv. 002)

“Clean up after yourself and sort your waste into the appropriate bins. Don’t wait for someone else to clean up after you.” – Trish Le (Adv. 003)

“Embrace the unpredictable! Going into high school is scary and new but know that you are not alone if you feel out of place at first. Talk to everyone you can, get involved in everything that interests you, and if you can’t find anything with your interests, take initiative and make a club! Stay creative. Be open-minded. Explore, but never lose sight of your true self.” – Seth Karall (Adv. 007)