Farewell From Your Editors 2019-2020

Farewell From Your Editors 2019-2020

A letter from the editors:

Northside College Prep represents much more than a body of students. Over the course of the past two years, as both writers and editors, we have had the privilege of representing the stories and beliefs of Northside’s diverse, multifaceted community.

As we prepare to step down from our position as Editors-in-Chief, we would like to express our gratitude to those that made this all possible.

To the 2019-2020 Hoofbeat staff: From the very beginning, you have been the driving force of this publication. Your attentiveness and readiness to come up with new ideas, whether for deciding how to design the new website or how to appropriately cover school cancelations, have been the reason we were able to accomplish so much. We truly can not thank you enough.

‘Journalism 7a’ represents much more than a classroom of students; it represents a team of problem solvers and creative thinkers. Throughout the year, we formed an irreplicable bond that allowed the publication to thrive. We are incredibly proud of each one of you, and we can’t wait to see what comes next. Thank you for entrusting us with the responsibility of leading you. Thank you for bearing with us through the changes we faced this year. We hope you enjoyed the journey as much as we did.

Although it is hard for us to leave, we know that next year’s publication and staff will be in good hands. Yomi Abdi, The Hoofbeat’s next Editor-in-Chief, will be an excellent leader. Her passion for writing and willingness to face challenges will guide the publication forward with new and exciting changes.

To Mr. Snow, The Hoofbeat’s official advisor: Prior to the commencement of the academic year, there was a sense of uncertainty regarding our roles in the context of the classroom. All uncertainty was immediately cleared on the first day of class when you established us as the Editors-in-Chief, entrusting us with creative control of the publication. In addition to giving us the freedom and flexibility to experiment with the publication’s workflow, website, and content, you also gave us the ability to lead classroom discussions, meetings, and activities. And while not every one of our ideas was a successful one, the opportunity to learn by doing allowed us to progress as leaders. We are eternally grateful for your willingness to accept our vision, and the invaluable guidance you provided to make it a reality.

To the greater Northside community: We have had quite the year. Thank you for your interviews, photos, stories, and submissions–we couldn’t have done this without each and every one of you. Whether or not you are in journalism next year (and we highly encourage you to join), we hope that you will continue to be involved with the paper in some way, even if it is as just a reader.

It has been an honor to hear your opinions and thoughts on subjects big and small. Keep reading, keep writing, and keep being passionate about the things that matter.

Go Mustangs!
Kate Clemenz (Adv. 005) and Kevin Rueda (Adv. 003)