Life in Lockdown: A Photo Essay

The coronavirus pandemic has restricted Northside students from being together at school and participating in their usual activities. Despite being separated, the Northside community remains engaged and connected in our new normal. Northside students were asked to send pictures of what they’ve been up to recently during the stay-at-home order. Here is what they shared:

Sophomore Brian Chueng (Adv. 200) is learning to play the guitar. Photo by Brian Chueng.
Senior Deirdre Nash (Adv. 002) and her 8th-grade sister Sinead celebrate graduation at home, both in the Class of 2020. Photo by Eileen Moran.
Juniors Hannah Fitzmaurice (Adv. 106), Abbie Kelleher (Adv. 106), Maya Ballard (Adv. 102), Anastasia Wysocki (Adv. 104) and senior Clare Mulholland (Adv. 001) hang out in Northside’s student parking lot by forming a circle with their cars while remaining six feet apart. Photo by Carrie Kelleher.
Juniors Grace Lewis (Adv. 104) and Romina Greco (Adv. 107) spend time at the beach while social distancing. Photo by Grace Lewis.
Freshman Annika Nelson (Adv. 307) and seniors Joselyn Santos (Adv. 009), Kate Clemenz (Adv. 005), and Albert Lee (Adv. 002) dress up in costumes for Northside track team’s virtual spirit day on Zoom. Photo by Joselyn Santos.
The Northside Varsity Women’s Soccer Team smiles for their yearbook picture on Zoom – From left to right, starting in the top row, Madeline Yu (Adv. 000), Jazmin Gonzales (Adv. 004), Rosie Palacios (Adv. 302), Reina Savitzky (Adv. 002), Erika Sanchez (Adv. 205), Claire Boyle (Adv. 104), Paola Macias (Adv. 105), Grace Monago (Adv. 307), Melanie Cabrera (Adv. 302), Isabel Hopson (Adv. 105), Veronica Skipper (Adv. 309), Carolina Perez (Adv. 103), Sofia Migon (Adv. 305), Araceli Urbina (Adv. 106), Lily Garner (Adv. 106), and Ava Swan (Adv. 108). Photo by Jazmin Gonzales.
Senior Julia Carlson’s (Adv. 005) furry friend, Louie, makes a visit to Northside on “Take Your Dog to School” Day. Photo by Julia Carlson.
Senior Ilani Morales (Adv. 004) and junior Osita Achufusi (Adv. 102) traverse the Chicagoland area on a socially-distanced bike ride. Photo by Ilani Morales.
Juniors Claire Boyle (Adv. 104), Lauren Hollis (Adv. 104), Miranda Ludwig (Adv. 103), Amy Jurkowski (Adv. 102), and Lily Garner (Adv. 106) celebrate a birthday over a surprise Zoom call. Photo by Lauren Hollis.