Anime Recommendations from Anime Club


Xochilt Estrada (Adv. 204) watches Anime during her lunch. Photo by Iliana Garner.

From action to adventure, comedy to drama, and slice of life to fantasy, Anime remains a prominent part of school culture. Anime is a style of Japanese film and television animation enjoyed by children, teens, and adults alike. This type of media is popular among many Northsiders. In fact, Northside has a dedicated Anime club that meets every Friday in the Japanese room.
Students gather every week to watch Anime, share laughs, and lament the deaths of their favorite characters. Recently, I asked members of the Anime club to share their thoughts on four Animes and compiled them into this handy viewing guide. Anime club board members Miriam Martinez (Adv. 010) and Xochilt Estrada (Adv. 204) and casual member Bennett Phillips-Sorich (Adv. 204) rated and gave their opinions on four Animes you may be interested in watching. Whether you’re a casual viewer, diehard fan, or are just entering the world of Anime, this article will help you decide which Anime you should add to your watch list.

Whether you’re a casual viewer, diehard fan, or are just entering the world of Anime, this article will help you decide which Anime you should add to your watch list.

Promised Neverland

Synopsis: The Promised Neverland follows three orphans: Emma, Norman, and Ray. Life was joyful for them until they learn that their orphanage is actually a farm where children are raised to be eaten by demons.
Genre: Thriller, Science Fiction
Number of Episodes: 12
Where you can watch it: Funimation, Youtube, Sling TV, FuboTV

Miriam Martinez: It was a suspenseful Anime and was really fun to watch. 9/10

Xochilt Estrada: It’s a good Anime with lots of horror aspects I really appreciate. 8/10 (Because I haven’t finished watching the series.)

Bennett Phillips-Sorich: I think it’s a cool story. What drew me in was the hook at the end of the first episode\; you think, “Wow, I can’t stop watching.” Then, you watch all 12 episodes in one day. 7/10

Blue Exorcist

Synopsis: The story revolves around Rin Okumura, who was raised by an Exorcist along with his younger twin, Yukio Okumura. Rin learns one day that he and Yukio are the sons of Satan. Rin trains to become an Exorcist like his guardian, in the hopes of becoming stronger to defeat his father, Satan.
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
Number of Episodes: 37 + OVA
Where you can watch it: Netflix, Amazon Prime

Miriam Martinez: I haven’t finished watching it but from what I’ve seen. It’s a good Anime. It’s kind of funny and the animation is okay. 7.5/10

Xochilt Estrada: Great Anime! I loved the demon boy, Rin. 10/10

Bennett Phillips-Sorich: I watched the first season and I really liked it. It was really interesting. The story was different from everything else I have seen. It was also a fantasy, which compelled me to watch more. 8/10

Assassination Classroom

Synopsis: The series follows the daily lives of an extremely powerful octopus-like creature working as a junior high homeroom teacher, and his students dedicated to assassinating him to prevent Earth from being destroyed.
Genre: Comedy, Science Fiction
Number of Episodes: 47 + OVA
Where you can watch it: Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime

Miriam Martinez: It was pretty funny. I really liked the number of ways the students got creative in trying to kill the teacher. Every time, the teacher already knew what the students were going to do and was able to stop it. 8 or 9/10

Xochilt Estrada: Another great Anime. Karma and Nagisa are the best boys. 9/10 for making me cry.

Bennett Phillips-Sorich: It was really eye-catching from the start. The art style is pretty different, especially how they drew the main character. I didn’t end up finishing it, but I still want to. 7/10

Cells at Work

Synopsis: The story follows the human body, represented as cities with anthropomorphic cells who work together to remove and resist against pathogenic cells such as germs and bacteria from invading the body.
Genre: Comedy, Biology
Number of Episodes: 13 + OVA
Where you can watch it: Netflix

Miriam Martinez: Cells at Work is beautiful\; It was like, delicious. It was so good I felt compelled to ship my own cells together, specifically the red and white cells. Not only did it help me in my bio class, but it was also super entertaining. 10/10

Xochilt Estrada: Great Anime, I love the cells because they’re so adorable and wholesome. Red blood cell and white blood cell are the best (unofficial) couple ever! 10/10

Bennett Phillips-Sorich: I watched the first few episodes but haven’t continued watching it. I do think it’s good and interesting how they included science in that form. I also think informational shows are really entertaining. 9/10

We hope this guide was useful when choosing which Anime you should watch next. If you’re interested in discovering more Anime to binge in your free time, consider stopping by Anime Club for all your Anime needs!